Info-Handicap Luxemburg 2014 Calendar

Info-Handicap presents its 2014 Calendar produced in cooperation with the Luxembourgish National Lottery who was the main sponsor for this project. The calendar is made with portraits of persons with disabilities, whereby the focus has been put on their personality instead on the disability.

The calendar pictures were made with artistic photographs by Yves Kortum, a famous Luxembourgish portrait-photographer. It is in DIN A3 format and all texts were inserted in print characters as well as in Braille, so that it can be used by blind persons as well.

In order to benefit best from the calendar, Info-Handicap has also cooperated with the “creative team” of the biggest supermarket-chain in Luxembourg for the creation of a mobile exhibition. All the pictures of the calendar have been reproduced on 100 x 80 cm panels. The official launch of the calendar took place in the Mall of the supermarket and the exhibition was presented there. The supermarket organised a reception and some 100 official guests attended the event.

The following partners contributed to the success of the calendar: Trisomy 21, blanContact - Mierscher Culture House, collectif DADOFONIC-Ligue HMC, Special Olympics Luxembourg, volunteer fire department Schieren, Ehnen Beach, d'Coque and La Ville de Luxembourg. The calendar has been a great success and was well covered by the national print media, radio, TV and had several articles in international print media.

The integral proceeds from the sale of the calendar will flow to the “Fondation pour le Handicap Luxembourgeoise”.

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Project details

  • Scope: The general public
  • Recipients: Anybody interested
  • Duration: 2014
  • Main Objectives: Awareness raising regarding disability
  • Country of Application: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg