Dissemination of best practices

EL and EDF both commit to encourage their members to share best practices and facilitate the exchange between the organisations (such as foundations) that they are in regular cooperation with.

Following the successful example of some of its members, EL commits itself to encourage its members to investigate whether lottery employees can dedicate parts of their time to volunteer for activities for the benefit of disabled persons.

EDF commits itself to encourage its members to advise EL's member lotteries for such activity.

In order to develop concrete actions aiming at implementing this general cooperation agreement in the areas mentioned above, EL and EDF commit themselves to implement the following actions in 2011:

  • Organise a first meeting between some of their members in 2011. This meeting will aim at discussing the ways in which the individual members of EL, depending on the national context in which they operate, can and ; or to contribute to the improvement of levels of employment and social inclusion of people with disabilities, through concrete actions and through direct and indirect contributions, like for example, to name but a few, support to the associations of disabled people, contributing to the accessibility of infrastructure for disabled persons, supporting sport for disabled people.
  • Create a website to disseminate best practices from national lotteries aiming at improving the situation of disabled people in Europe.

The European Lotteries and the European Disability Forum will facilitate the coordination of their members at the national level to advance these commitments.

EL and EDF both commit themselves to an evaluation of this cooperation agreement and the actions taken by both organisations and their members implement it one year following the signature.

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