Discovering wheelchair basketball

The FDJ Summer Tour receives nearly 15,000 visitors per day. Its success is due to the quality of its free entertainment and its festive atmosphere.

FDJ also wants this event to reflect civic commitment. As such, FDJ limits its carbon footprint to preserve the environment, raises public awareness on the prevention of underage gaming, donates general-interest equipment to the host towns (since 2007 21 swimming devices for persons with disabilities).

The tour also features a "wheelchair basketball" event. The public thus has the opportunity to discover and take part in one of the major sports of the Paralympic Games.

The event includes wheelchair handling, precision tests via a series of free shots and participation in a match. This is supervised by members of the handisport association CAPSAA, who strive to change the attitude of persons without disabilities towards people with disabilities based on a light-hearted approach.

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Discovering wheelchair basketball

Project details

  • Scope: Wheelchair basketball event during the Summer Tour of La Fran├žaise des Jeux
  • Recipients: Families on holiday (over 5 million visitors since 1999)
  • Duration: 1 month (mid-July / mid-August)
  • Main objectives: Include a disability awareness initiative within a promotional tour
  • Country of application: France / some twenty seaside resorts (English Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean)
  • Sources of funding / sponsors: La Fran├žaise des Jeux