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  • ONCE School Project Competition This project, which already has 28 editions in its history, can be defined essentially as an "educational awareness program" towards disability and accessibility, which aims is that little kids discover and understand the problems of disable people.
  • INSERTA Project This program is intended for companies that have been respected and have led in their sector, which include their strategic policies in their implementation of a management system based on principles advocated by Corporate Social Responsibility, encouraging their commitment to a group of people with disabilities. For that reason, ONCE Foundation offers its expert advice to those companies.
  • HANGAGES, an association of companies committed to the employment of handicapped persons How to recruit persons with disabilities at a higher qualification level; how to raise public awareness of our 10 companies' disability friendly policy; how to raise staff awareness on employing a person with a disability and combatting negative stereotypes on disability; how to adapt job place? How to engage with the protected sector?
  • Discovering wheelchair basketball The FDJ Summer Tour receives nearly 15,000 visitors per day. Its success is due to the quality of its free entertainment and its festive atmosphere.
  • "Breakfast cinema" Info-Handicap launched its « Breakfast cinema » action for the first time on the European and International Day of Persons with Disability in 2011 in collaboration with the « Loterie Nationale » (Luxembourgish National Lottery), Cine Belval and Belval Plaza in Esch-sur-Alzette. The gathering consisted in showing movies dealing with the life of persons with disabilities. A breakfast snack was offered before the film session in order to promote meeting and exchange between visitors with and without disabilities. The participation was free of charge and was open to everyone interested.
  • “Mobility Corridors” of Loures City The aim of this initiative is to develop a range of infrastructures to support persons with reduced mobility.
  • The National Lottery funding of the London 2012 ParalympicsThe National Lottery funding of Great Britain’s Paralympic athletes
  • Luxemburg 2014 Calendar Info-Handicap presents its 2014 Calendar produced in cooperation with the Luxembourgish National Lottery who was the main sponsor for this project. The calendar is made with portraits of persons with disabilities, whereby the focus has been put on their personality instead on the disability

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Persona invidente ayudado por su perro guía a la espera de cruzar la calle

This project, which already has 28 editions in its history, can be defined essentially as an "educational awareness program" towards disability and accessibility...